How much does video cost?

Ha, often the first question! Our video publishing services start from as little as £897 for a three week campaign, and build depending on your requirements. £897 gets you 21 consecutive days of promotion and gets results, what else can promise that?  See our prices, packages and see what you get for your  money.

Can I use my own video?

Yes. Of course. Send us your video via email or let us have the link to your YouTube video and we’ll take it from there. See how it works.



What if I don’t have a video?

No problem. We can help. Take a look at our recommended video company. Leagus Video.


Why can’t I just put my video on YouTube?

You can. We love YouTube. It’s great for watching videos. But there’s little point in putting your video on there if no one is going to find it. It makes more sense to put your video where people are watching video – On social media and your website. We’ll show you how.



Can I use the video I have on my website?

Yes. We can take your existing video and help you share it across social media and get it in front of your potential audience. You’ve already spent time and money on your video and done most of the hard work already. Doesn’t it make sense to make your video now ‘work’ for your business. See how.


My video is on my website, does it need to be on social media?

Yes. Especially if your customers on social media? To help you understand what social media channel would work best for you check out for a review of what each does best.



I still don’t get it?

No problem. Videopage is a new idea and is still unfamiliar to some. Like most new ideas its hard to first get your head round. Take a look at our ‘how it works’ videos on the home page and if you’re still unsure. Click on the live chat button and we’ll do our best to explain how you can benefit from VideoPage.