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Improve your SEO ranking with interactive video (part I)


Looking at statistics recently released, business owners would be foolish to ignore the importance of online video as an effective marketing tool!

By 2017, it’s predicted that online video content will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic¹. Video is truly no longer an interesting add-on; it’s a critical consideration for anyone that wants to reinforce their brand’s recognition with consumers – not to mention improve their SEO ranking and conversion rates – which in turn brings the benefits of increased traffic and revenue. Good quality video content has a massive impact on Google’s page ranking algorithms, so here are are a few tips for improving your overall search rankings and devising a winning interactive video content plan.

Here are three important online video content metrics that will see your SEO rankings soar:

  • Video quality You have are over fifty times more likely to appear organically on the first Google search results page by embedding high-quality video content on your webpage². Since 2013, Google has judged page ranking on quality of content rather than just the number of keywords used. Further refinements to this algorithm in 2015 means that using quality content that informs and engages is key.
  • Click-through rate Not only does online video help your content rank, high-quality video snippets and thumbnails appearing in the search results are forty-one times more likely to appeal to online consumers and encourage them to interact with you than with a text-based message³. Google examines click-through rates when determining search engine positioning, and gives a higher rank to websites with video content on the first few pages.
  • Bounce rate Research shows that embedded interactive video increases the dwell rate on your website by two minutes and reduces the rate of consumers ‘bouncing’* (leaving the site quickly) – which is another metric Google reviews when ranking your page. This is because as a high bounce rate is indicative of low-quality content - but this is where adding a good-quality video to your home page can be utilised to get your consumers’ attention and engage them! Tune in for the next blog, where I will be sharing more tips for online video SEO success!

¹ Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index ² Source: Forresters Research, Inc. ³ Source: aimClear * Source: Comscore

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