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Creating captivating social media content


Let's face it - your customers (both existing and potential) are the lifeblood of your organisation, so it makes good business sense to tailor your social media marketing strategy around them. Paying attention to their requirements and having a good understanding of their needs - plus offering a smooth path to purchase or goal interaction - is absolutely vital.

It's not good enough to build a good base of followers on social media channels - it's all about the quality of the relationship you share. It’s been proven that you need more than just great content to deliver maximum engagement. Of course, there is always the challenge of making the most of your marketing budget and ensuring it delivers the level of return on investment you expect.

The good news is that coming up with appealing and engaging messages is not as hard as you may think! Here are four tips for creating captivating content on social media:

  • Use video in your posts It’s estimated that content with videos attract three times more links than plain text posts. Your audience is much more likely to interact and ‘share’ video content! Using video in a platform (such as Twitter) leaves you with even more reason to produce a short, eye catching video that grabs your audience’s attention.
  • Strike up a conversation! Make your social media content a two-way street! Get your followers involved by asking them to participate in a discussion, and also be sure to respond to their comments as a way to acknowledge their opinion.
  • Have a cross-channel strategy By utilising the wide array of social media channels we have available, it’s easier to reach your most loyal and engaged followers on a platform that they feel most comfortable with. And don’t forget – integrate your strategy. If you post a blog on your website, ensure it’s cascaded across social media channels and even your email marketing.
  • Don’t see it as a direct sales tool Whilst we all understand the pressures placed on the shoulders of sales teams, the reality is that consumers have grown weary of aggressive and direct marketing messages. Channel your content so that you’re seen to delight and educate.

If your product and brand image are a winning formula, everything else will fall into place. 

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