Tuesday, 12 December 2017 13:52

7 Tips for being yourself on camera

It’s important to be yourself while on camera. This is especially true if you are using the video to market yourself.

  1. Sit Up Straight - If your posture is poor, viewers will notice. Your body should convey your energy and intelligence.
  2. Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself - Have some fun and be sure your clothes reflect the real you. Feeling good about yourself is key.
  3. Watch Your Body Language — Everyone Else Will - Keep still. Don’t fidget. Find a comfortable place for your hands so they aren’t distracting to viewers.
  4. Smile With Your Eyes - A warm and genuine smile does wonders for coming across as sincere and confident. But smiling is not all about the teeth. The eyes can dictate whether a smile is real or forced.
  5. Use Your Natural Voice. - Be yourself and speak to the camera like it was your best friend. Not only is it more natural, but also it’s what people expect.
  6. It’s How You Say It - You know what you’re talking about. So focus on how you deliver the goods. Your choice of words is key. Keep it short, simple and clear. Avoid slang at all costs.
  7. Look at The Camera As You Would Your Dog - Don’t be afraid of the lens — it won’t bite or even lick you. - Just look into it with the love you’d give a welcoming pet. Don’t be afraid of the odd fluff that’s why we have editors.
  8. An experienced video professional will help you relax on camera to help you deliver a confident presentation that you’ll be proud of and we guarantee one you’ve cracked it you’ll be smashing out videos every week.

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