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Twitter Cards – Everything you need to know

An image twitter card is very similar to a button, when pressed takes you to a different destination. Twitter Cards are pretty similar, they are in the form of an image and when clicked instantly directs people to a destination which could be e.g. your website.

5 Benefits of a Twitter Card

  • Increase web traffic to your website
  • Help you gain more followers
  • Promotes your brand image
  • Looks good in your feed
  • Easy to create

Why it’s important for your company to use them

Its important for you to use different methods in your marketing strategy because can see if things work for your business. Your audience could be instantly directed to your website, who doesn’t want that! If your audience are mostly on mobile, this is a very quick easy way for them to go to your website. Also, Twitter Cards make your feed look great. Use high quality images that will entice people to click on them.

Follow this guide from Twitter on how to create Twitter Cards and further detail on them here.

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