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Why video builds better business

Once upon a time, online videos were all about pretty pictures that told a story. And sometimes those pictures weren’t so pretty: fuzzy images, poor camera work, ill-considered scripts and poor download speeds meant that online video often presented more barriers than benefits. Now, digital video is a powerful and affordable marketing tool – and the prospects are promising. Here are a couple of good reasons why, with tips for getting the best possible returns.

Technology makes quality video viable

Broadband changed the world of online video. It allowed the sharing of quality video that better-reflected business identity and, along with mobile technology, triggered the vast proliferation of video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube was once the domain of teens and techies at lunch and leisure. Now, particularly with the super fast growth in mobile technology, 1.5 million business searches on YouTube every day make it the world’s second biggest search engine – and it’s growing month by month.

As well as broadband, search engine optimization (SEO) technology has turned online video into a highly efficient traffic generator. A professional online video producer can optimize video with keywords and other devices that catapult the site up the search engine ratings, raising visibility and, crucially, generating greater revenue for the site owner

Business decision makers prefer video.

97% of people visit a website before even speaking to a potential supplier so whatever the products or service you offer, your website really is your global shop window. But today’s businesspeople are time-poor and want the right information as quickly and easily as possible. Video demands minimal effort from the viewer yet communicates a huge amount of information very quickly. It’s perhaps no big surprise, then, that 83% of B2B decision makers are watching more online videos than 12 months ago, 63% head for a business’s website after watching its video and are then more likely to make that all-important order or call.

And although time is precious, your video is far more likely to hold decision makers’ attention than the average 60-second visit to non-video sites.

A video makes your website ‘stickier’ – and a sticky site is a successful site!

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