Thursday, 25 May 2017 12:02

Why would you re-purpose your video?

Whatever your spend on videos in the past, whether it was £200 or £10,00 you must have had high hopes of what it could do for your business, but where is it now and more importantly, what results is it bringing in.

We know from speaking with clients that it’s likely you have used it for its initial purpose, say for the sales conference or exhibition, or maybe it was for a major presentation, but now it’s sitting on your own website, and possibly on YouTube.

For those of you who like value for money, doesn’t the possibility of re-using something you’ve already paid for, and getting concrete results sound like something you would consider?

So, how did it work for Vorwerk, a German manufacturer of high-end cleaning systems, that’s posh vacuum cleaners to us simple folk.

They had a very particular problem that they hoped Videopage could help them with. They wanted to recruit a team of 10 Product Advisors around a very specific geographic area, with absolutely no brand recognition, for commission only roles – not the easiest of tasks.

What they did have going for them was a generous commission package, a great training programme, flexible working hours, and guaranteed leads.

They had a great video which featured a product demonstration, so we used this to produce a 1 minute and 12 second video, with links to “join the team” where viewers could read about the company, the benefits and training. Next was the opportunity to link to Product Reviews for a comprehensive review by an independent testing company. The video finishes with the opportunity to click through and apply for one of the roles.

We used Twitter and Facebook for the two week campaign, and were able to limit the geographical area to ensure a better quality response. The results are below, but we’re delighted to say they filled all of their roles.

Here are their results:




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