Wednesday, 02 December 2015 17:10

Why video marketing is taking over social media?


It's becoming common knowledge that online video is continuing to rise at a rapid rate and this is backed up by Cisco who predicts that by 2017:

  • Video will account for sixty nine percent of all consumer internet traffic.  US giant, Well Social Media has inevitably embraced this statistic and are developing their own native video services.
  • YouTube remains to be the second largest search engine and has 1 billion unique monthly visitors and placing your videos in your YouTube channel is still a must for compatibility and search.
  • And did you know that videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are ‘pinnable’ and playable on Pinterest.
  • Twitter is about to launch its native video player to join in the ride.
  • Vine has its punchy 6 second videos and Instagram is also using video and now promotes video ads.
  • Facebook now has the ability to host video content natively on its own platform so this popularity can only continue to grow.

People are much more likely to ‘share’ video content instead of text so when looking at your content marketing – this is where you need to be! Using video in a platform such as Twitter leaves you with even more reason to produce a short, eye catching video that grabs your audience’s attention. So, the evidence all points to the same thing – if you want to stay ahead, video must become a vital part of your social media campaign. My name is Andy Green and I hope you found this quick insight useful.

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