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Case Study - White Rose Maths Hub


WRMH and Leagus filmed 3 new videos based on ‘Concrete Makes it Simple’, ‘Groupwork – Kagan Structures’ and ‘The Importance of Bar Modelling’ for Maths teachers, aimed at spreading the news about WRMH’s revolutionary teaching techniques. 

You can watch the videos here:


Three short teaser videos were produced to announce the upcoming campaign, resulting in a whopping 23,000 views.

We created 3 Videopages and promoted them on the client’s social media (Facebook and Twitter). By using our specialised techniques… (we can’t say more, It’s a secret!). We increased the posts on their accounts - their profile visits actually increased to an impressive 85% on Twitter!

You should know the drill by now (but for those who don’t); we add annotations and a call to action to each video. All 3 actions had the destination of a web page where WRMH offer their FREE resources for teachers to download. Of course, the results were amazing. On the Group Work video alone, the client gained more than 2,000 views. Can you imagine how many people downloaded the resources? – more than enough to make the client ecstatically happy!

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